Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Hellooooo, everyone. How was your Turkey Day celebration? 

Andrew and I did our usual drive to Pittsburgh for the weekend.  His sister joined us for the ride made up of catch up chats, Invisibilia, and Criminal. This sweetie greeted us when we arrived. Golden retriever puppy Maya.

Hey, what's up? Will you be the sucker who feeds me food I'm not supposed to have because I will 100% get diarrhea from it?

If I had to choose a photo that sums up the weekend, it would be this one. Let's relaaaaax with drinks!

There is no way I could be imbibing on that T Day level in front of my mom or other Korean elders. Oh, there would be judging, for sure.  I've only just begun to drink ANY alcohol in the presence of my mother.  She bought some red wine to pair with our Costco steak.  The second I took a sip, she sniffed at me and remarked, "It's such a turn off...the smell alcohol off of a woman's breath." This is about a minute before she poured herself some of wine.  I know.  Confusion. 

Anyway, the family's Italian so what do you expect? Of course, there is gonna be some wine...and tequila.  Because why not.

Settlers of Catan. This was a way more civilized version than what we attempted last year.  One of the cousins tried to teach us Settlers of Patron.  The frat boy aspect of taking shots with this game got neutralized by the REALLY nerdy aspect of Catan.

Maya's face says hellllllp.

Pure joy.

Skipping a generation but here's Uncle Dick with his grandchildren.  Uncle is making a pretty sweet duck face.

My first time at the Strip!

The cheese shop!  I love how everyone in the family appreciates cheese.  The Midnight Moon was excellent! It was so excellent that I bought some but then forgot my treasure chunk of it in Pittsburgh.

I bought some bee pollen and have been eating it with my yogurt-honey-bananas breakfast.  It is not yummy.  Actually quite bitter.  But it is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and proteins. Whoa.  I also got it because it can be a natural remedy for allergies.

I was puzzled by this.  The label alluded to some type of sugar, but the shape was so interesting. Anyone know?  It was an Italian product.

Outdoor market


Mmmmmm. I bought one of these mini apple pies.

Hand painted truffles

I thought these were pretty nifty.  For the lazy.  Soup in a bag!

 Well, I guess it'd be more lazy to just open up a can of soup and heat it.  This is probably for those who are lazy but want a step up in nutrition.  I don't know. 

We got our friend some boozy cakes from CakeBuzz, and they were DELISH.  There were some worthwhile creamy recipes in here. But reading about the tart margarita and pina colada desserts...the gag reflex was strong with those. 

I've been eating eggs every day.  And Andrew is the king of adding eggs to any dish so I think this might be worth checking out.

 This book I didn't understand.  Cooking while you're drunk?  Just order pizza.

At the museum of creepy stuff. (Not the real name of the museum)

Most of the Thanksgiving dishes are not very, uhmm, photogenic during the cooking process.  So I will spare you photos of the stuffing in its smush smush stage.  You can literally hear the sticky saliva sound through the photo.  But can you appreciate all this garlic?

And the gravy everyone got in trouble for sampling throughout the day.

And this stuffing coming out the arses

And the making of slutty brownies

 Throw that in the oven!  Here a version of the recipe.  I think hers is what deemed "Even Sluttier Slutty Brownies".  I read online that they are called this because they are "oh so easy and more than a little bit filthy."  Well, ok then.

 Aunt and nephew

Hey guys

I love nature's name card.

Sexual healing.

Great job on the pies, ladies!

When you need an eating break

Accidental crotch shots and Maya's pleading eyes. 

Until next year!  I swear we are not a bunch of booze hounds.  We just love to eat, bond, drink, and be comfortable.  We missed family who couldn't make it.  Only a few weeks until Christmas etc etc, my friends!  So don't put away those fat pants just yet!

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  1. Aw your family is so cute! Looks like you had an amaaazing Thanksgiving! Loving all your food pics and food/store pics!!