Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Look Inside Korean Beauty Store Tony Moly

When I was younger, I used to watch in amazement (and a bit of incredulity) as my mom went through her nightly skincare routine.  She'd slather on layer after layer of lotions and essences. If you are confused about that term essence, I understand.  I used to think it was some Korean English-sounding skincare line.  For clarification, here is an awesome guide to the difference between toner, serum, essence, and ampoules.  

Anyway, that weird word essence got reintroduced into my life with the recent Korean beauty craze.  And I got bitten by the bug.  Yes, I follow the 10-step Korean skincare routine! <---must read

So I was jumping up with joy when I saw that Tony Moly opened up a store in the city. This brand sells insanely cute products at affordable prices. I love Sephora's description of the items as "criminally cute"! See for yourselves!

I've only tried the peach anti-aging hand cream, and it is delicious (feel and smell wise). But I am really curious about the tangerine and panda whitening hand creams.  Also, I have to admit...I'm captivated by the ridiculously lovable panda design. What! I love pandas. It's so Asian of me.  Don't worry. They won't turn your hands white.  That sounds terrifying. When Asian skincare boasts of whitening features, it is referring to brightening your skin and evening out the tone.

I agree. Criminally cute.

My friend tried this "mask" that is supposed to soften smile lines. She didn't notice a difference, but it was so hilarious when she sent me photos of her wearing this.

image via

And these funny gals did a video on it.

Snail Slime Filtrate? Sure!

There is also a Tony Moly in Flushing that I visited before I realized there was one closer to home.

Ugh. The bunnies. Adorbs.

Cheap sheet masks! Plus, 2 free. Yessss. I've seen the masks for $2-$4. But even cheaper at Amazon.


 It's so easy to get grabby at Tony Moly.  You want to touch and pick up everything.

"Enough is enough!" Review of this product here.

I love how they display the top products.  Two of the top products are actually included in my Asian beauty giveaway here.  The contest is easy to enter and ends tonight!

So that was the quickie tour of Tony Moly! I hope you guys get a chance to visit one yourself. If you can't, there is always Amazon, Peach and Lily, and Urban Outfitters. Did any products pique your interest?  I would love to know!



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