Friday, January 29, 2016

Eggs-ellent recipes!

I didn't realize until recently how much I really enjoy eating eggs.  It started out as the easy go-to boiled eggs for meals and snacks. Then I began ordering egg dishes when I went out to restaurants.

Kimchi Deviled Egg from Sobban, which unfortunately closed.

Duck egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich from Graze

Eggs Benedict at City Crab Shack

Slow-poached eggs with quinoa, parmesan, and asparagus from The NoMad.

My first Scotch egg at The Breslin
Instructions on how to make them here. It's #4.

We even prepared eggs in fun ways for breakfast.

This is called Eggs with Soldiers. Our friend made this for us, and the yolk was perfect for dipping! Recipe here.

I even ate balut--yes, developing duck embryo.  Remember that

I will leave you with additional links to explore the beauty of eggs.

What are your favorite egg dishes? I'm hungry!



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