Friday, January 22, 2016

Review of my Korean beauty haul: Mizon, Peripera, Tony Moly, and Goodal!

The Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream is ridiculously cute.  It looks like a booty. Not only does it smell divine (like peach gummy rings!), but it also absorbs quickly without leaving greasy or sticky residue.  It leaves me with soft hands! If you're a germaphobe, it may not be for you since sticking your fingers into the container is not sanitary. I keep it at home, but you could carry around product spatulas!

My favorite masks are made of hydrogel/coconut gel mask. But for the cost, Tony Moly cotton sheet masks are a great value and do the trick. Each mask targets a different skin issue, but all of them offer your skin a boost in hydration and pore refinement.

My only complaint is that I wish the part covering the nose area were longer.  I had to pull it down a bit, which lifted the mask up from between my eyebrows.  Despite that minor annoyance, these are my go-to weekly masks for an at-home spa night.

If you go on Amazon, you can get an I'm Real Mask Sheet Pack of 11 for about $10!  Don't pay more at Sephora and other sites!

 I talked about this lovely thick cream in a previous post here.  It keeps my face hydrated and happy!

I bought several Peripera lip products, and I tried the Rouge Pang in Serious (PP08).

Such a beautiful color! And the formula is very moisturizing.  You can see how creamy and rich it is here.

This lipstick can also be worn over lip balm for a more sheer look. 
The Peripera Rouge Pang has me wanting all the colors of the line! I found the color Serious at Amazon for the cheapest price domestically. But there are even less expensive options on eBay shipped from Korea.

I adore my Tonly Moly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack! It is super cute, and my face looks so healthy and plump after sleeping with this on. It does have a strong artificial banana scent that dissipates, so if bananas aren't your thing :(

This Tony Moly Mr.Strawberry Seed 3-step Nose Pack comes with all of your nose pore cleaning needs in mind.

The first step is a wet strip with witch hazel and sage leaf extract. Its purpose is to dissolve sebum and open up the pores.  This was cool and refreshing. It left a tingly feeling.

Second step
This blackhead remover strip was thicker than a Biore strip. Although I didn't notice my pores being more open from step 1 (it was cold so seemed to do the opposite), but it pulled out more blackheads that my usual Biore strip. It even got those stubborn ickies hiding out in the crevices of my nose. I was impressed.

Third step
The third step felt like a coconut gel mask for my nose- and I LOVE coconut gel masks. This strip was a very slippery thing, and it was hard to pick up if you needed to adjust it on your nose. I would try to get it on right the first time. It also slides down your face so I would lie down. This also gave me the tingles.

Step 3 seemed hydrating, but my pores weren't less noticeable. If anything, it was the opposite.  I could see them well. Maybe because they were emptied out.  I was very happy with the "cleaned out" feeling, so I would use this again but press on cold compress and use a toner afterward. All of the pore strips smelled like a berry martini.

If you want to just stick to step 2 and save money, these strips were awesome!
 These nose packs are basically like Biore strips, but they were better fitted for my nose and pulled out gunk that even the Biore strips couldn't get out 3 days before.  They are even cheaper than Biore strips if you get the 7 pack here.

Comparison of Biore strip on top and TonyMoly egg pore on the bottom.

This mascara was another product with to-die-for packaging.  The box, the actual mascara container, ugh...I won't be able to throw away either of them!

The wand has a wave to its shape. 
I thought the bristles were great at separating the lashes and distributing the product well.  The formula is waxy so I would avoid multiple coats. Also, with additional layers, the bristles start to comb those lashes together to form spider legs.  But that waxiness is awesome for curling you lashes after you apply the mascara, and this stuff keeps the lashes curled! And big plus, no smudges! It is so good at not budging that taking it off can be tough. I found that while my lashes were wet from washing my face, I could gently pull the residual mascara off without pulling out eyelashes. 

The MIZON Black Snail All In One Cream was my first snail mucus extract product. It also contains 27 black plant extracts, adenosine, peptides and vitamins. This cream claims to provide anti-aging, healing, and brightening properties.  It is also free from fragrance, artificial color, and parabens. People rave about this! I like how rich it feels going on, but your skin just seems to drink it all up. My skin appears extra nourished when I look in the mirror in the morning.  

Warning: The product does have a gooey, snotty element. 

This Goodal Phyto Wash Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling was so much fun! The foaming action is hilarious. It is a gentle exfoliant that gets your face slightly tingly and leaves you with glowing skin. 

The Phytowash grows into shaving cream fluffiness.  See how it started growing into my nose!
I totally want the full size version!

The packaging on the King to the Kong's giant products were so hilarious. They are also HUGE. The King to the Kong Berry Aqua Drink Toner feels gentle and refreshing on my skin. I'm happy to know that it balances pH levels. Bonus: Made without artificial colors, artificial fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, and silicones. It is ideal for all skin types. Yay! 

The King to the Kong Berry Aqua Step Up Cream looks less like cream and more like blue hair gel with microbeads. When I slather it on, the layer of product feels cool and slightly sticky to the touch even after absorbing. It does make your skin soft, but I haven't noticed a difference using this product. It is free or artificial coloring, artificial scent, parabens, animal ingredient, mineral oil, sulfate and silicone. Both products smell like soap to me. It doesn't bother me, but based on reviews, it seems to be off-putting to some folks.  

Those are all of my reviews. Are you interested in any of them? Were any of them already your favorites? I would love to know!  If you purchase any of these products, please be aware that the date on the containers are usually manufacturing dates, not expiration dates.  Some people freak out thinking they just bought or are using expired products. 

I'm so excited because I will be doing a giveaway that includes some of the products in this post! Stay tuned! I'm thinking later today would be great--Fun Friday!

Affiliate links note: I bought all of the above items. I try to include links to the best prices for products mentioned on my blog. If you purchase from an affiliate link, your price will not be affected but I may receive a commission. Thanks so much!

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