Monday, January 30, 2012

Nail Polish Removal On the Go!

You may love wearing nail polish and changing the colors up frequently. But the thought of lugging around a bottle of nail polish remover while traveling or dealing with badly chipped nails while outside the home might seem like a pain in the neck.

I have a growing stash of fun nail polish colors, but I rarely used them because I didn't want to have neon green nails and get called into an audition for a professional businesswoman.

Then I realized I could jazz up my nails whenever I want and just carry nail polish remover pads to clean up on the go.

These e.l.f. ones are $1 and come with 18 pads.

I bought the Target brand Up & Up ones for about $3 for ten pads because they have individual pads for easy packing. Each pad cleans all 10 nails, but I throw 2 in my purse (some polishes are stubborn, especially ones with glitter).

Happy Nail Decorating!

This is Kleancolor's Metallic Fuscia (only one coat!) In different lighting, it looks more purple as in the photo above. I loved it for only 99 cents at the beauty supply store.

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