Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who hates wasting food?

You're in the kitchen making a recipe that calls for only half the can of tomato paste you just bought.

And you're leaving for a week-long trip to the Bahamas in the morning.  (Lucky you, by the way.)

Well, you can still save that tomato paste for future delicious meals.

Real Simple Magazine says that most recipes only call for a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste. So why don't you plop little tablespoon portions into ice cube trays, freeze, and transfer to freezer bags. You can just throw them into your next concoction without thawing.

This isn't just for tomato paste either. Go nuts! Do pumpkin paste, chipotle, etc.

And if that isn't enough, here's a read on 8 Uses for Ice Cube Trays here. Enjoy!


  1. I love this idea! I happen to have some random extra trays...glad I didn't get rid of them.

    1. Where's your blog?! I need to add it to my BlogLovin' reading list.

  2. Yay, Mandy Eats! Glad you can use this toward making more yummy treats.