Saturday, December 29, 2012

Georgia Holidays

I've been in Atlanta since the 26th.  I came off of a wonderfully turbulent trip on a teeny tiny plane.  Images of Flight danced in my head as I watched the rain streak across the window. 


By the grace of God, we landed safely at Hartsfield.  Unfortunately, there was literally no space on this ridiculous excuse for an airplane so we all had to pseudo-check our bags in. However, we had the "convenience" of picking up our bags on the jetway right outside the plane exit (I had to look up the word jetway, which I found from an article entitled "How to Board a Plane").  So I got to spend 20 minutes waiting for my bag while attendants yelled out VERY general descriptions of our luggage ("Black suitcaaaaase? Anyone have a black bag?")

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That's a jetway, y'all!  I also learned the word "tarmac". Tarrrrmaaaac.  Short for tarmacadam.  If you knew that, I would be impressed. But there's no way you knew that.

Being at home has been pretty uneventful.  I have fake-returned some items from Christmas that I gifted myself.  Fake returning involves going to the store with the full intention of returning the goods and coming back home with the said goods for a variety of reasons, with the top ones being:

1) The cashier tricks you into keeping the stuff. "Oh, but this would look so great on you!" Never mind that you would have to lose 15 pounds or shrink a foot for it to work. 

2)  The cashier lets you know that the pants you are about to return are actually on SUPER SUPER sale now, and she can credit you the difference.  

3) You are in denial!  You weren't really going to return that sh*t!  =(

My mom made fake shabu shabu.  That means she just made soup.

I saw one of my closest friends and had a slumber party.  But we are old hags now so we went to sleep before midnight.  On purpose.

My mom got me hooked on this show:

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I sit there and roll my eyes while yelling, "YEAAH RIGHT" to the TV because a lot of unbelievable circumstances. But I just can't stop watching. The minute I return from repenting my sins at church tomorrow, I am heading straight to my couch to finish the series.

I did watch this Korean movie in its entirety.

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The storyline didn't blow my mind away, but I would recommend it for the fun cinematography.  I saw it on Blu-Ray, and the colors and Indiana Jones-esque action were amazing!  It was also so much fun for me to see actors I had watched when I was younger.

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Jung Woo Sung is the Good. I like the way he speaks Korean. Usually, I feel like guys sound like they are talking underwater.  And he's a pretty good looking fellow.

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I've seen this guy in so many shows, and he hasn't aged a bit!  Lee Byung Hun reminded me of a mix between Johnny Depp and that girl on the Dragon Tattoo movie. The eye liner and hair. Love him!  

I'm sure there will be more movie-watching to come. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

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