Friday, September 3, 2010

I am rooting for my fellow Asians.

Walking around the city, posters advertising a new show called Nikita have been leaping out at me.  A smoking hot Eurasian woman graces all of the ads.  She dutifully wears the color red that seems to bring out the more "Asian" in us.  You may be familiar with Maggie Q and that scene in Mission Impossible III with her impossibly long legs grazing her (surprise!) red dress when she gets out of the Lambo.  Come on!  How could you NOT notice??

And her current Nikita photos do not exclude those crazy stems of hers.

And you thought all that "White Man wanting to put us in red to look more Asian" was a bunch of baloney.

So why am I including Miss Maggie Q on my blog?  Umm...she's hot.

In the industry, you aren't supposed to promote people who are your "type".  My nature is to be happy for others' fortune, but in this dog-eat-dog world of entertainment, whatever role that went to someone else is one you LOST to someone. What a perspective, huh?

Well, first of all, it's not like she's in my demo reel that I'm sending to casting directors.  I am merely celebrating a 31-year-old Asian woman's success in America.  Plus, are we really the same type? I look way more Asian than her and well...she has typecast herself as a super sexy beautiful character who has stellar fighting skills.  Poor girl has a tough road ahead.

Maggie Q, you're Maggie A+ in my book.  Good luck with Nikita!

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