Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Fashion Inspiration

Do you remember Beyonce and Lady Gaga's patriotic fashion in the "Telephone" music video?

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Why not try injecting some of that red, white, and blue into your day?

American Turband, $35 at

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Kate Bosworth at Coachella rocking an American Flag T-shirt

Your buys for a simple version:
American Apparel Star and Stripes Flag T-Shirt, $43.08 at

Bottoms work, too!
Hot Pants, $25.89 at

We love Katy Perry's halter top. But we have a choice for you if you want to go more conservative!

BDG American Flag Chambray Button-Down Shirt, $59 at

Ciara looking FABULOUS on the cover of her new album "One Woman Army"

You can nab the sweater for the fall when you still want to show your American pride.
UNIF Flag Religion Sweater, $95,

These bold shoes will get some attention!
American-flag Lace Up Bootie, $48 at

Of course, if you feel timid about trying out this trend, you can always opt for an American Flag bag. 
US Flag Stars & Stripes Sequined Handbag, $14.79 at

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