Saturday, July 14, 2012

My First Post with Blogsy

Good morning, everyone. I started my Saturday with a fun episode of Archer (isn't that show amazing?) and a marbelized cup of Joe. And oh yes, I just coughed up the $4.99 to get the Blogsy app. I'm a miser when it comes down to spending money on apps, but I had read so many posts and articles praising Blogsy that I figured that I should give it a try. Which is what I'm doing right now.

I recently got the new iPad as a gift for my birthday. I had never really considered the iPad, since I was one of those people who didn't understand the hype with this "big iPhone". (I am also an Android gal so I am biased.) I work for a magazine as an editor and writer so being able to create and edit documents on the go is ideal. I am an actor in New York, who likes to submit for jobs online, update my website, and blog in between auditions or on set. I would lug around my 15-inch Mac Book Pro* in my backpack or suitcase (with all of my audition change of clothes or different looks for extra/background work). Even though I am an Android girl phone-wise, I absolutely love my Mac Book Pro. I just looked forward to using something more portable.

I had highly considered the Mac Book Air, but it seemed so pricey for what it is. And yes, it seemed a little ridiculous to have a smaller laptop version of my laptop I already own.  If I had a healthy fund for electronic toys, I would have NO problem having mini and bigger versions of everything I own. But when you don't, you have to prioritize. With cost as a factor, I was even thinking of going the netbook route.

So it was a pleasant surprise, and I felt extremely grateful when I opened up my birthday present to find this beautiful device about which I was completely ignorant. My main immediate interest was to figure out how to increase my productivity with the iPad. How would I type efficiently on this svelte machine with a clumsy onscreen keyboard (I also contributed to the clumsiness factor with my awkward fingers)? How would I blog on it when Blogger doesn't allow me to upload images via my iPad? I saw no Open Office for iPad, which is the application I use on my Mac Book Pro for doing anything with Word documents and spread sheets. I felt a little panicked. It wasn't boding well for my fantasy of being a creator of fast and furious articles and posts in cute New York City cafes.

Luckily for my persistent (read: obsessive) nature, I was able to find some solutions. I downloaded the free (remember I like free apps) version of Cloud On, which allowed me to create and edit documents and save in a cloud. I chose a nice keyboard cover for iPad (I will post specifically on that later), which increased my typing speed exponentially. And then I bought Blogsy this morning. HA! So take that, Apple! I didn't buy your crummy Pages or Numbers app! And my keyboard cover money didn't go to you, either.

As for Blogsy, I am already loving how intuitive and easy it is to use. Uploading an image was a piece of cake. I will add a video just for fun.

I love this commercial! It's hilarious that it's saying that Scottish Koreans are contradictory. What do Scottish Koreans have to say about this! I love it when Asians have non-Asian and non-American accents. I can say this. I am Asian. And I want a cool accent.

Something weird happened when I uploaded the image below. I wanted you guys to see a screenshot of the menu and panels. When I uploaded it, part of my text disappeared. So here I am writing this again. Anyway, I really like how everything is right there and available to use for changing fonts and the various applications through which you upload videos and photos.

So far, pretty good**. I would recommend Blogsy for your iPad blogging needs. Toodles!

* I bought this laptop in 2009 when I moved to New York on a trip back home to Atlanta. Best Buy was running a fantastic 36-months 0% interest deal with their credit card. If you are financially responsible, I think this is a great option for slowly paying off a bigger purchase.

** My videos posted multiple times, and it was a pain in the ass to fix. Hopefully, this was a fluke. That was the main issue I had with Blogsy so far. I will have to try out other features like adding hyperlinks and let you know how it goes.

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