Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Non-Sticky Solution: Dissolvable Labels

You're looking in your freezer for the chicken stock you made last week.  But after a torturous time rummaging through all the plastic bins and baggies, you finally find it in Tupperware labeled..."pesto sauce"?

Oh, that's right. You hate dealing with peeling off the old, stupid stickers that don't entirely come off containers so you got lazy.

That's no longer a problem with dissolvable labels!

image via target.com
Ball 60 ct Dissolvable Labels at Target for $3.98

Yes, these lovely labels have an adhesive back for simple application, durable for long term storage, easy to write on, and removable by water!  You can just handwash or stick the containers in the dishwasher, and the labels disappear!  No more picking at label corners to rip them off!

There is also a great variety of dissolvable labels at Wasserstrom.  The reviews on these are a little more consistent than the Ball ones. 

This is a great tool for those who like to make jam, jelly, and pickled items.  It's also a practical solution for storing food in bulk.

What a great invention to save time and your manicure!

image via quickmeme.com

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