Friday, July 20, 2012

Zaggfolio vs Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Case for the new iPad

With my recent possession of an iPad, I was researching which keyboard case to purchase.  Luckily, Best Buy has an AWESOME return policy in which you can try out something and return it within 30 days without penalty or restocking fee.

It came down to two choices: the Zaggfolio and the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard.  They are both retailed for about $99.

Here is the video I made regarding my experience with both.  My first tech review-ish kind of thing.

Since I'm yapping so much, here is a guide to fast forward to relevant info to you.

Zaggfolio 0:23

Logitech 4:19

My Verdict 8:09

I am also listing my pros and cons in this post for those of you who prefer reading.  (Hey! I was a teacher.  Everyone has different learning styles!)



Protects the iPad
Comfortable keyboard
Variety in colors and has a leather option
Easy connection via bluetooth
Long keyboard battery life
Can use the iPad with the keyboard in the case for reading, browsing
Soft lining doesn't scratch the iPad


Not that attractive, in my opinion
Cheap material on the keyboard
The additional row of shortcuts might be cramping the keyboard more
The "delete" key is close to the lock key, leading to some unwanted...locking
It falls backward when it your lap, no lock in position while upright
Only one viewing angle
Have to take out of case to use in portrait mode
Can be a bit of a nuisance to take on and off
The clasp stay locked all the time without the keyboard

Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard


Sleek look (aluminum)
Comfortable keyboard
Easy connection via bluetooth
Long keyboard battery life
Magnets hold the iPad upright when typing on lap
Easily switch from landscape to portrait mode
Easy to take on and off
Compatible with my Union by Devicewear back cover (review to come)


Only one viewing angle
iPad and keyboard case get scratched (no protection)
Only holds the iPad in place in landscape mode
Hard to use the iPad with the case attached

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