Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is Your Eye Makeup Even?

When I do my makeup, one eye always looks better than the other...and it switches up! 

Does your eye makeup application look even? 


What are your tips for getting it just right?  

Some people separately make up one eye fully and then move on to the other eye.  One way of making sure your left and right eye match is to do the same step on each eye before you move on to the next step.  For example, use eye liner on the left eye and then on the right eye before you apply shadow.  Another way to make sure your left eye matches your right eye is to practice applying make up and figuring out which angle of holding your brushes works the best.  Knowing your eyes also helps you compensate for the differences between them. If one eye is smaller, then you can apply eye liner in a way that creates an illusion of that eye being wider.  An easy method that I use to wipe out subtle variations in makeup between my left and right eye is to blend blend blend!

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