Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Swimsuit Season!

I'm swimsuit shopping this week! I get excited, but that fitting room time can also be a bummer. I have no boobs so I'd look just like this model here. 

source: Marie Claire
No cups runneth over! 
But we all gotta love ourselves (though it doesn't hurt to find a bathing suit that makes your body look slammin'!) I don't plan on getting breast implants any time soon, so I figure why not plump up the things I can kind of control. That's why I'm taking booty ballet. I totally wouldn't mind being small chested with a badonkadonk!

Are you looking forward to swim suit season? 

What tricks do you use for a flattering look? No curves = ruffles, padding, fun prints for me!

I'll be updating on my bathing suit search. But...maybe without photos of myself in them. That scares me!

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