Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beautiful Tulum

We were in Mexico at the end of March.  We stayed a couple of nights in Playa del Carmen and then moved on to Tulum for the rest of the trip.

We were greeted by a huge rain storm upon our arrival in Cancun.  It was a bit gloomy in Playa, but it encouraged a ridiculous amount of napping.  Luckily, the sun came out to play in Tulum.

We stayed in Cabanas Tulum.  We love it.  The staff is friendly.  The breakfast is delicious.  
The beach - gorgeous!

A lot of rustic stuff going on in the bathroom.

A lot of hotels in Mexico enjoy folding the towels into animals.  

This was the first time I've ever seen a towel folded into a baby.  It was creepy.  What was even more scary was when I went to go pick it (him/her?) up, the head fell off. I don't know if it was a hint.  Maybe the staff is appalled by the absence of procreation in our marriage?

The view from the room.  Many nights, we left the windows open.  I absolutely miss sleeping to the sound of the ocean waves.

Between bungalows

You could have your breakfast right near the beach. 

The path from the eating area to the beach

Ah....the beach.  Have I already mentioned how beautiful it was there?  Those day beds were great, and we never had trouble finding an available one.

The complimentary breakfast there is awesome.  You get coffee AND freshly made juice.  The options for your entree are amazing.  My husband Andrew started a trend with his made-to-order dish: scrambled eggs with Loganiza sausage (similar to Chorizo) and Chaya (Mayan greens).  You can't forget the bacon on the side.  The beans and hash browns just sort of came with the dish. Anyway, by the end of the trip, we had several people requesting "The Andrew" at breakfast!  (note: Although the breakfast is crazy good, the rest of the food is...hotel food. Overpriced and not very authentic. However, you can't go wrong with guacamole and chips and a couple of tacos!

Andrew and I would take daily walks along the beach.  When we came across Posada Margherita, Andrew wanted to check it out.  He hadn't been there in years.  I was a bit resistant.  But I'm so glad I agreed to explore the property!

Just look....

The bathrooms for the hotel restaurant

I can't wait to go back!

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