Saturday, April 5, 2014

That Bumpin' Hair!

Snooki may think that she invented the "pouf", but people have been a fan of the hair bump for ages.

I noticed that my big roundish face looks more narrow with the bump.  The extra height on the head seems to lend to this illusion. Armed with hair spray that provides good hold and a plethora of bobby pins, it's pretty easy to get the look.  I did this in a couple of minutes.  When in doubt, just spray away!  When I got to work, people thought I got my hair done somewhere.  Others couldn't quite figure out why I looked "so different".  I'm telling you.  It's the big-face-to-more-narrow-face phenomenon.

Here are some celebrities who love their poufs!

Hilary Duff has been incorporating bumps into her hair styles for years.

Sometimes bumps can be teased up and left loose like Hilary did here.

And bumps don't have to be huge.  Reese Witherspoon rocks a more subtle one here.

Kim showed off a wide bump here.

This Kardashian chose to do a side part and bump up the front AND back.

And if you haven't tried a bump, don't be afraid!  Sometimes you have some fails, and they fall flat.  Or sometimes what's going on around the bump can be a disaster.  You'll find the bump that works for you. 

Even J. Lo makes mistakes.  Let that soothe your soul. 

But she made up for it with this messy bump updo.

And this FIERCE hairdo.  I don't know if it counts as a bump, but I can't help but include it.  It's like a bump that went wild and free. Like flames of a fire.  Oh, how poetic. 

Do you like bumps?  What is your favorite bump style?

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