Friday, April 11, 2014

Sweet Sakura Tea

When I was in DC, my friend let me try some Sweet Sakura Tea that she brought over from Japan.  It was really neat to see the blossoms open up in the water.  When I stirred the water, it was a beautiful sight to see the flowers dancing and twirling around. :)  If anything, you have to try it out just to see this "show".

The sticky buds that come in the packet.

For me, the flavor was not appealing. It reminded me of drinking water from a glass that still had a bit of vodka in it.  Like an odd lingering alcohol taste that's slightly tangy and...well, alcoholic. (I actually just read that the blossoms are preserved in alcohol. No wonder.)  But I don't enjoy sweet, fruity hot teas so you may very well like it.  My friend likes the taste a lot.  

If you want to purchase this tea, you can find it at  Let me know what you think!

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