Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring (Really?!) in New York

Of course, one of the first places to get mobbed in the city when it warms up is Central Park!

Pic by Courtney

I got so excited about seeing the cherry blossoms in DC that I forgot how beautiful the trees in NY can be.

Pic by Courtney

I went to Spin for the first time when I tagged along with my husband for a Tribeca Film Festival Wrap Party for a movie called "Silenced".  Susan Sarandon was the executive producer and she also owns Spin (a ping-pong bar) so I assume that was the connection. 
I didn't play. I just watched.  And drank beer.  However, I was fascinated by the workers whose only job seemed to be pushing a net-like contraption that collected all the ping-pong balls that end up on the floor. I could see that task getting really old very quickly.

We went to Gramercy Tavern after for some good eats.

The restaurant got into the spring theme.

The server recommended sweetbreads.  Sweetbreads always reminded me of Hannibal Lecter, but I didn't really know much about them.  I learned they are usually the thymus or pancreas of a calf or lamb.  I'm always open to try different foods, and I couldn't resist the server's description: "Like really fluffy chicken nuggets."  He was right.

My husband said the pork chop was amazing.

I ordered the Kielbasa.  Andrew loved it (and the spaetzle).  I thought it was ok, but had a hard time dealing with the cheese that kept oozing out of it every time I squeezed the sausage while cutting it.  Just wasn't very appetizing.  Anyway, I have been to Gramercy Tavern three or four times and have always really enjoyed my dining experience there.  This was probably the most apathetic I was about the food.  My husband thought everything was wonderful. 

Seriously though, the sweetbreads were delicious.  But the Jalisco Pear drink I got...not so much. 

My friend Joni recently lost her furry pal Felix.  We had a little memorial for her cat at a nearby park. It wasn't her actual cat, just a bit of fur and his hairbrush.  That would be pretty weird if we were smiling right next to the burial of her cat.  Wait, maybe it's odd that we are smiling in this photo.  Look, it's a happy time. He's up in cat heaven.
Pic courtesy of Joni

Home cooked dinner with Italian friends

The walk after dinner. Those darn trees make me so happy!

Spring = get yo' body ready for summer!  Juicing it!
Photo by Jeanette

Easter Brunch with my family in China Town
Photo Courtesy of Laura

Dessert! This used to be treat for my husband and sister-in-law from their grandparents back in the day. I'm glad the tradition lives on!

A Kate Moss Faberge Egg outside of the Nomad Hotel

I hope you all enjoyed Easter/Passover/the holiday and spring so far!

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