Monday, August 26, 2013

Fabulous Hanger Tricks!

Use shower curtains as purse hangers.


My scarves are crammed into dresser drawers that don't close all the way because there are too many scarves in them.  Hanging scarves like this would make my life easier.

I'm horrible at donating clothes.  When I try to do an honest inventory of what I should purge, I make up these insane declarations like, "I'm totally going to wear this dress with tags still on them from 2005. I just didn't know where it was!"  Well, here's a way to crack your denial.  

Hang up all of your clothes the opposite way. I'd say with the C-curve away from you, but people are funny (like those who let their toilet paper hang UNDER the weird!)  Anyway, when you wear an article of clothing, hang it back the proper way.  At the end of the year or season, donate the clothes that are hanging backward. Seeing is believing! 


Cut wire hangers into shoe organizers. Hang up boots on pants hangers.  I would recommend placing something (like cotton pads or felt strips) between the clamps and boots to prevent indentations on the shoes.

I don't know how practical it would, but it is such a cute way to hold glasses!

Now, if I only had more closet space to execute these fun ideas....

Got any hanger/closet tricks of your own? 

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