Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week in Pics

Shot a short film in one of my fave parks in the city, Madison Square Park.

This is Reeses. She plays hard to get.  She was a nice challenge on set.

Picked up one of these babies on Craigslist.  Week 1 of tracking my activities has been really neat!

Double the yumminess with 2 bowls: Naengmyun and kal guksu. Korean food in New Jersey. We took a field trip to Palisades Park and Garden State Mall.

Browsing at Urban Outfitters.  Too funny.

It's been a long time since we've been dancing. Post Restaurant Week outing on a Friday night.

Beautiful weather on Sunday.  Perfect for lounging in Central Park.

I hope you guys all had a wonderful week!


  1. liking this new weekly pic thing :), good job erica!
    formerly a cho as well ;)

    1. Hello! Thanks, you mysterious reader, you! ;)