Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser


After seeing YouTube videos from beauty vloggers praising this face wash, I was curious if it was the real deal.  At $22 for an 8-oz. container at Sephora, Purity is a little pricey (there are several size options).  I'm used to paying $6.99 for a 5 oz. tube of L'Oreal's Advanced RevitaLift Radiant Smoothing Cream Cleanser or getting 16 ounces of Cetaphil for about $10.

Despite the high price tag, the benefits sound great.  It is called a one-step facial cleanser because it combines the power of a cleanser, toner, and makeup remover all in one product.  This cleanser supposedly dissolves makeup and dirt with a pH-balanced formula that is gentle to the most sensitive skin and even the eye area.  I feel that usually "gentle" equals "not-gonna-take-any-makeup-off-and-you'll-feel-like-your-face-has-a-layer-of-grease-still-on-it".  So I challenged the Purity cleanser to take on my made-up face.

Both Cetaphil and Purity were successful in taking off non-waterproof makeup easily though my face felt so much cleaner with Purity.  Purity was more lightweight, and it seemed like it would be a great year-round cleanser.  Cetaphil felt like it left moisturizing residue on my skin.  For the winter, this is more ideal because your face tends to dry out during that season.  However, for the warmer months, I don't like to feel added heaviness.  Neither of the cleansers left my face feeling tight or irritated.

Since I usually wear waterproof eye make-up, the next step was testing Purity and Cetaphil on how well they erase the stuff.


As you can see, black makeup residue remained around my eyes.  If you are a waterproof makeup user, then I would not recommend Cetaphil for makeup removal.  You will definitely have to use makeup remover as a separate step.

Now onto Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

The Purity cleanser did an excellent job of taking off the waterproof eye makeup. You need to make sure you rub or massage the eye area though.  It doesn't just melt off the makeup on contact.  I know that some people prefer not to rub the fragile skin around their eyes.  Purity doesn't create a lot of the suds that I like in a cleanser, but it does have a slick quality to it so there doesn't seem to be damaging friction that occurs when you wash your face.

I love that Purity left my face feeling soft, smooth, and clean.  It has a light fresh smell.  Perhaps a sage fragrance, as it is one of the ingredients in the formula?  Whenever I use other cleansers, I always follow up with my eye makeup remover.  With Purity and no eye makeup remover follow-up, I feel pretty confident that I can go to sleep without getting black smudges onto my pillow cases.  Although the cleanser has a milky, shampoo-like consistency, Purity doesn't lather up a lot, which I think helps get more mileage out of a cleanser.  So be prepared to use a little more than one application when you have heavy-duty eye make up on...and this product isn't cheap so that can be a bummer.  If you get a larger sized bottle of Purity, you do get a better value.

If you're ok with the price tag, I highly recommend trying out the Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser!

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