Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week in Pics

Started the week off right with some wakeboarding action with my brother-in-law.  I like how people freak out about us going into the Hudson.  C'mon, guys.  It's only a little raw sewage. ;)

It was one of those trips out where everyone came back feeling satisfied with exhibiting some new skills.  I landed on my face a couple of times.  Thank God water is forgiving.

I finally "massaged" a kale salad!  The molested greens were delicious with tomatoes from my aunt and uncle's garden!

A highlight of the week was attending the Long Beach International Film Festival.  Five of our short films from the Manhattan Film Institute acting camp were accepted, including two movies in which I acted.  It was a nice bonus on top of just being able to be a part of such fun projects.

Movies on the Beach!  Free Popcorn!

We did get to go on the Red Carpet.  Though I would say it was more of a standing thing than walking.  We stood there for an interview and photos.  Then we scooted right back through where we entered.

Do you spy the Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister?

My lovely co-star and fellow Georgian actress, Margy!

Margy: "I can tell you're uncomfortable seeing yourself on the screen." This is true!  My massive head even bigger on the BIG screen is quite alarming.

On our way back to NYC

The View from VU Rooftop Bar.  Pretty classy for La Quinta Inn, eh? That name of the bar makes it sound like it's a Vietnamese spot.
We had a K-Town (that's Korea Town) Friday night.

Saturday in Brooklyn Heights. A game of Catan. Yeah, we nerded out. 

Walking through the Meatpacking District on a Sunday.
There was a going away party for a Californian leaving NYC.  So many of them are leaving the Big Apple!  I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be that last person left behind who moved from California.  I guess that's fine.  I only hope to achieve great things wherever I am. :)

This week was a bit of a bummer.  We have some issues with our living situation, and on top of that, I've been feeling exhausted and dodo-brained.  Will keep you updated and will hopefully take more photos throughout this upcoming week!

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