Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week in Pics

Started the week with work right on the river

Seeing friends I've known since elementary school at Bosie Tea Parlor! Fantastic tea selection and the scones are out of this world! And as disgusting as clotted cream sounds, you better try it.

I did background work for an overnight shoot.  This was at about the 3 AM mark.  It was VERY warm on set.  (I look so sloppy with those hanger strings creeping out of my shirt.)  We were supposed to work well into the morning, but we wrapped at 4AM.  I was not unhappy about that.
Writing session with fellow actresses!  Zoe the Akita-Husky kept us company.

I had a really amazing opportunity to audition for a TV show.  I celebrated by treating myself  to a Vietnamese bun noodle dish with grilled pork, shrimp, and fried rolls at Saigon Shack in Greenwich Village.  I sometimes get the Vietnamese iced coffee there, but then I have to prepare for the insanity that comes with the caffeine and sugar.  I can't sleep that night if I have that dangerous concoction after 2pm. 

As I'm eating my Vietnamese dish, my friend convinces me to go to a trial Muay Thai kickboxing class within the hour.  Who doesn't like working out on a full stomach? Despite my brain flashing to images of me throwing up into my boxing gloves, I take the challenge.

I almost cried in class.

 It was no joke. We were all sweating so much, the floor was wet.  My mouth was puckered up from the own salt! I have no doubt in my mind that I would be very satisfied with the results of taking this class for even 2 weeks. But I am terrified. So I will accept my pudge. 

But if you are interested, the place was Evolution Muay Thai in Flat Iron.  My friend said that this was by far one of the cleanest kickboxing studios in the city. You are welcome to trial classes there!
The aftermath of just holding the punching/kicking pads.  It was more of a workout to hold those things against the blows than actually hitting them!

We are welcoming a little girl for our cousin Adam and his wife Max!  We usually have Women's Weekend for all the fierce females in the fam to get together and bond. With the baby blessing, we combined the events at our aunt and uncle's Upstate farm house.

My nephew at the baby onesie decorating station. He made a pretty dope Pikachu design!

Hayley and Aunt Elissa's ball python. I've been dreaming of rattle snakes attacking me so I made sure to stay far away.

Ribfest 2013!

Desserts!  My niece on the left made them.  She's such a little baker/chef/OCD cleaner.  Basically, any parent's dream child.

Have any of you played the guess-the-chocolate-in-the-diapers-game at a baby shower? I will spare you the images that I DO have in my phone. You're welcome.

Even after desserts, we snuck into the kitchen for more ribs. Her face. A little meat schmutz on it.

Sadie is the luckiest dog in the entire world.  She gets to run out into the fields, play with bunnies in the garden (meaning she eats them), swim in the stream, and poop anywhere she pleases.  And then hide under tables indoors.
My niece and cousins.  I married into a very interesting family.  I bunked with Hayley, and in one sleep cycle, she strangled me, hugged me, and went to second base with me. She didn't remember a thing.
The perp at age 8(ish?)  How amazing is this photo? And her guns! 

We hit Aunt Elissa's garden and went "shopping".  I can't wait to make a salad!

A wonderful job done by all on the baby shower and family gathering!!  Especially Aunt Elissa!

Ok, my mom is so cute.  I came home to a package that included Christian music CDs and Korean food recipes.  I have no idea who Toby Mac is, but my mom is very enthusiastic about this artist. 

 Hoping your week was packed with goodness, too!

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