Sunday, September 8, 2013

Travel Fashion

I took the challenge to pack only enough for a carry-on for this trip.  After successfully doing so, I arrived in Portland only to realize that I totally didn't have enough outfits.  As the days went by, this did not become an issue.  I kept gravitating toward spandex and elastic waistbands.  The same two workout-ish outfits.  It's impressive how cute women look while traveling.  These fashionable females wear heels, jingly accessories, body-clinging materials, and belts.  I just keep in mind whether I will be active or sitting down for long periods of time.  If I'm sitting while flying or riding in the car, you better believe I'll be wearing a loose dress or forgiving lower body encasements.  Who likes those angry red lines in your flesh at the waist and behind the knees??  

I am hoping on arriving toward the perfect balance.  Having comfy clothes and nice you-will-look-so-fabulous-in-destination-pictures clothes.  Because what is the point of getting a beautiful scenic background when your loose, comfortable shirt gives you major mom body?  No offense, moms.

I guess in the end it shouldn't matter as long as you have enough underwear. 

Hey, wanna see what I tried on at Target? I'm obsessed with French Bulldogs, so this shirt made me so happy.  I didn't buy it because a) I need to stop buying shit, and b) it made me look like a box.

This is my view right now.  Doing the West Coast wind down.  I just saw some of my old teacher friends (as in back-in-the-day friends with whom I taught, not elderly teachers).  And about to meet up with a college friend.  I love meeting up with buddies around the country.  It totally stresses out my husband to travel because he feels super obligated to meet every single friend that lives in the city we visit.  Then he feels horribly guilty for not reaching out to these people.  If they have kids, my husband has irrational thoughts about his friends thinking that he must loathe their offspring because why would he NOT want to meet their children????!! 

I don't know.  I just figure true friends understand if you guys can't meet up.  Shit happens.

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